We Know How to Correct a Sentence Fragment

Each complete sentence should have a subject as well as an object. Also, it should express complete thought because if the sentence lacks the needed components, it will become sentence fragment. Read this to know how to correct a sentence fragment and learn why you should use a sentence fragment corrector.

Tips on How to Correct a Sentence Fragment

Defining a Sentence Fragment

  • A fragment sentence is a sentence that does not have complete thought. For instance, Sharmaine is. It lacks complete thought- Sharmaine is “something” – however, you do not know what Sharmaine is.
  • A sentence without a subject. For example, Eating burger. It lacks a subject – what or who is eating burger?
  • A sentence that lacks an action. For instance, The book does not have a cover. On the other hand, it lacks an action because what about books with covers. Is something doing something to the book or is the book doing something? You do not know because there it does not have a subject.
  • The dependent clause stands alone. For example, “and you went to the market.” The conjunction “and” make it clause dependent; however, a dependent clause does not stand alone wherein it needs to be attached to independent clause.

Correcting Sentence Fragments

how to correct a sentence fragment

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If you want to know how to correct a fragment sentence, you need to know tips what you must do. For sentence fragment, it can be corrected by adding verb, subject or by joining dependent clause with independent clause. You can also complete the thought to correct it. In addition, you can use a fragment sentence checker.

For example, every sentence fragment can be corrected:

  • “Joe is” can be corrected when you add an adjective like Joe is intelligent. It does not express complete thought.
  • Eating burger can be corrected when you add a subject. For instance, Sharmaine is eating burger. You can also make it, as eating burger is healthy.
  • The book does not have cover can be corrected when you add action or by adding either object or subject. You are reading a book that does not have cover.

If you don’t how to correct your mistakes, feel free to make use of a sentence fragment checker.

When you know about sentence fragment check, you can do no wrong. if you are having a hard time in checking, you need to research for more tips about sentence fragments.

Start doing your sentence fragment check now!