How to Check Sentence Grammar Online


Why Do I Need to Check My Sentence for Correct Punctuation and Grammar?

Many students wonder: “How can I correct my sentence punctuation without spending all my time on it?” If you are to impress anyone with your writing, correct punctuation is indeed important. Whether you are seeking good grades from your paper or you are trying to persuade customers to buy with your marketing materials, the quality of your writing will have a significant effect on your success or otherwise. If you want to ensure that your writing is up to scratch then you may wish to check sentence grammar online using our professional tool.

Our free software provides you with all that you need to thoroughly check your writing to ensure that it is to a high standard. It can provide you with help with how to fix sentence fragment or run on sentences through to improving the quality of your vocabulary. It is quick and easy to use and can help you to ensure that you always submit top quality writing.

What Should You Look Out for in Your Writing?

There are many different errors that could creep into your writing. None of us are perfect when it comes to writing and few of us will understand the majority of the many grammatical rules that should cover our writing. But getting something wrong will usually reduce your grades or reduce the effectiveness of your writing.

The following are some of the issues that often occur in our writing that should be avoided at all costs:

  • Using the passive voice: the correct structure for a sentence should be subject, verb then object. This is the active voice. The passive voice, however, is when the verb is placed before the subject. In this case it can be hard to know who or what the subject is within the sentence.
  • Run on sentence fragments: sentences that have more than one independent clauses and no separation could be considered as run-on sentences, while fragments may be missing the subject or the verb. These are common issues that are usually easy to spot if you are reading someone else’s work.
  • Poor vocabulary: many people will misuse words such as “very” and attach them to everything rather than seeking out a more appropriate word. Often there are words that will be more effective than those that you are currently using within your writing.
  • Poor punctuation: most people realize just how easy it can be to completely change the meaning of a sentence simply by repositioning something as simple as a comma. Punctuation is vital to our understanding and must be done accurately.

How Should You Check Sentence Grammar?

English grammar and sentence correction can be a time-consuming process if you have to undertake it yourself. The following are some useful tips to help you to do it more effectively:

  • Read your work aloud: issues with punctuation and grammar will often manifest themselves clearly if you actually read the writing.
  • Work on a printed copy that uses a larger than normal font: this allows you to better concentrate on the actual words and sentences that you are reading.
  • Read the text in reverse: this helps to focus your attention on each sentence rather than considering the whole paper.
  • Check for one fault at a time: while this may be more time consuming it will help you to concentrate on the problem you are seeking. Often it is best to keep track of the specific errors that you commonly make so that you can search for those first.
  • Use a correct sentence generator: software such as ours will help you to both identify problems with your grammar as well as providing you with corrections.

Examples of Poor Sentence Structure

The following are a couple of examples of issues that our online sentence changer will help you to identify:

Run on Sentences:

  • Incorrect: “The car crashed at high speed I was saved from serious injury by the airbag.”
  • Correct: “The car crashed at high speed. I was saved from serious injury by the airbag.”

Passive and Active Voice:

  • Active: “The artist painted a lifelike portrait.”
  • Passive: “A lifelike portrait was painted by the artist.”

Why Is Our Tool the Answer to Check Sentence Grammar Online?

Whether you need a free run on sentence checker or to use our free complete sentence checker you are in the right place. If you still wonder “Where can I edit my paper?”, simply copy and paste your text into the space that is provided on our tool. The tool is available fully online and can be used at any time 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Once you have provided your text the software quickly works its way through your writing checking for hundreds of potential issues that may be within your writing. It will then highlight the issues that it finds allowing you to check through each one and decide if you want to accept the correction that is recommended.

Use our accurate and quick free tool to check sentence grammar online so that your work will always be finished to the right standard.