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Are you someone struggling with your grammar and writing? There are certain guidelines to follow in grammar, especially in terms of sentence types. Learning of the types of sentences is one of the most basic skills you have to know in English because this is the foundation of good writing. You can just imagine how that is to read a book or a novel with plenty of sentence type mistakes. Check out the following for English sentence correction online free.

English Sentence Correction Online Free

What are the types of sentences? As you may already know, there are four main types, but there are simple and complex constructions. You have to know that their classifications can be based on the number of dependent and independent clauses they have. As a free online English sentence correction tip, an independent clause is a form of a complete sentence itself because it can stand on its own, but not a dependent clause that needs an independent clause to stand. By knowing of this basic rule, you should have an idea by now that independent and dependent clauses are important components of a sentence.

Types of Sentences

  • Simple sentence– it has an independent clause, without a dependent clause.
  • Compound sentence– it has at least two independent clauses, without a dependent clause.
  • Complex– it is made of one independent and at least a dependent clause.
  • Compound-complex– it is made up of several independent clauses, and at least a dependent clause.

Sentence Correction Online Free Tips

sentence correction online free

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How do you practice and achieve perfect English? If you would like to learn how to distinguish the differences among sentence types, you may want to take some online quizzes to help you in practicing and mastering the basics of the English language, which are English sentences types. When you do, you will not have a hard time in writing with correct sentences. Not to waste time, try using an English sentence corrector.

And as told earlier, you should know the difference between an independent and a dependent clause to help yourself in learning of the kind of clause is present in the sentence. Remember, it will not be a sentence if it is a dependent clause that cannot stand by itself.

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