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You should not look at grammar as harsh or cold. It can also be fun and here are some tricks that you might want to know to create crazy sentences that still grammatically correct. For more information about free sentence correction, read this page.

Seven Crazy Sentence That are Grammatically Correct 

  1. One afternoon I shot a cow in my pajamas. How she got into my pajamas I will never know. One afternoon (I shot a cow) (in my pajamas). Here is another possible to make it perfectly grammatical correct. One afternoon ( I shot) (a cow in my pajamas).
  2. The speech given this afternoon.
  3. Complex houses single and married soldiers and their families.
  4. The cat the rat the dog chased killed ate the malt.
  5. Anyone who feels that is lots student whom you have not actually admitted are sitting on the course than ones you have that room must be changed, then auditors will be excluded, is likely to a free to revision on curriculum.
  6. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo: Buffalo is a city a verb and a noun.
  7. The exceeding trifling witling which considers ranting criticizing that concerns adopting fitting wording that is exhibit transcending learning, surpassing swelling reasoning with respect to correct erring writing as well as detecting arguing during the debate.

At first, you will see that it is not correct but when you analyze and read it carefully; the sentence is correct. It is somewhat difficult to understand but as long it has a complete thought, you get what it tells. You can also check out sentence corrector free online to help you. It’s easy as 123. Free sentence checker lets you save a lot of time.

Using Free Online Sentence Corrector

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With run on sentence corrector, you can check all your mistakes for free. It is better when you try to run the tool to know how it words and to know if you like the result. Checking because using the free sentence corrector is essential.

Start to check for free online sentence corrector to know how you can able to check your mistakes especially when you have difficulties in checking it on your own.

Get started with your sentence corrector free online now and do not waste your precious time!

Source: Mental Floss