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There are three kinds of sentences in English, which include simple, compound and complex. If you want to know about sentence grammar correction, you need to check this page. It gives you enough information on what you should know. So follow our tips to check my sentence easily.

Simple Sentence

A simple sentence has one clause. Here are some examples.

  • The dog barks
  • Birds live in nests
  • The girls are singing
  • The kettle boils

Basically, a simple sentence has a subject and a verb. Also, if you want to add more meaning to it, you can include objects, complements, qualifiers and others. For example, the boy was carrying a bag on his head.

Compound Sentence

A compound sentence has two or more independent clauses. For example, the girls danced and the boys sang. You can make compound sentences when you join independent clauses with help of the coordinating conjunctions. Here are more examples or compound sentence.

  • You can go out for a play or you can watch a TV.
  • You should either walk quietly or go out.
  • The girl could neither hear nor see.
  • She took the English test multiple times but she could not pass.
  • She is famous, yet she is humble.

English Grammar Correction

english grammar sentence correction

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