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Knowing the rules in grammar is important because it will help you in writing, but sometimes, it is okay to break it as long as you are doing the right thing. Here are things you should know about grammar rules and an online sentence corrector you can use.

10 Grammar Rules

  1. And, because, but, or, so, also: These words are indispensable to link individual sentences into coherent passage and you can use to start a sentence whenever your clauses connected are complicated or too long. Pay attention to them when you correct sentences online
  2. Dangling modifiers: These are ungrammatical. Most people recast the main clause and they supply it with subject where the modifier can be fastened properly. Also, it is perfectly acceptable.
  3. Like, as, such as: “Like” is a preposition. It’s not a conjunction wherein it cannot be followed by a clause.
  4. Preposition at the end of a sentence: Usually, a preposition is placed at the beginning of the sentence but it can also be placed at the end of a sentence.
  5. Predicative nominative: Accusative predicative were used by lots of respected writers for centuries.
  6. Split infinitives: You should not split infinitives, but what you should do is to move an adverb to end of verb phrase.
  7. That and which: It is odd to use “that” with nonrestrictive relative clause. If it’s too hard to follow the rule, use an online sentence checker.
  8. Who and whom: “Whom” is overstatement but there are cases that you should know where to use who from whom.
  9. Very unique: It implies that it is different from unusual qualities, but “very” is a soggy modifier in some circumstances.
  10. Count nouns, mass nouns and “ten items or less”: There quantifiers are not choosy so you can talk about more gravel or more pebbles.

Sentence Grammar Corrector

sentence grammar corrector

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It is not bad to use sentence corrector online free because it will help you. It helps you to know whether what you did is right or wrong. It helps you in getting rid of your errors, but keep in mind that you need to choose carefully. It there is too many mistakes to fix, you may use some online rewrite my essay services.

English sentence corrector online will improve your writing. It will improve your essay or whatever paper you have. You can also avail for free tool without registration.

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