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Who is at fault for plagiarism? While students know what plagiarism is, some turn their attention to their professors or teachers when asked who is to blame with it. But who really is to blame students plagiarize?

Teachers Plagiarism Checker: Why Students Blame Teachers

For many, they may be blaming their teachers for copying and pasting their assignments from online sources, and many of these students may reason that they do it because they have many assignments to do and to submit on time. But are teachers really to blame that they use a sentence correction website?

The answer is ‘No.’ Plagiarizing is an action chosen and committed by the person itself and the students are the ones doing it. They are to blame for their action, not their professors.

But why do students still blame their teachers?

  • They give uninteresting, bland assignments, which are very easy to copy online.
  • They give too much assignment. Students blame their teachers for plagiarizing because they give them much workload and close deadlines.
  • They do not read the assignments. Some students think that their professors are not interested of the homework they submit and even think that they do not really read it. They don’t use a free sentence correction, but you should!

Teacher Plagiarism Checker: Why Teachers Aren’t at Fault?

plagiarism checker free for teachers

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  • Change in technology: Teaching methods aren’t able to keep up with the changes that took place in the last 25 years. According to experts, technology has made cheating and plagiarism easier.
  • Education system problems: Because of too large classes and too much focus on standardized exams, teachers may be less attentive in giving interesting assignments.
  • Attitude of learners: Students’ attitude on preventing plagiarism and originality are changing.

What to Do to Avoid Plagiarism

  1. Educate students about it.
  2. Use original prompts that students cannot Google.
  3. Use plagiarism checker free for teachers.
  4. Help and connect with students.

Use Plagiarism Checker for Teachers Free

Aside from the tips we’ve shared on how to prevent plagiarism among your students, you should not forget about using a correct the sentence online tool to help you with checking their assignments for copying and pasting. In this case, your students will know that you can detect plagiarism attempts on their part. Slowly, they will be able to learn the importance of originality and ways plagiarism will affect their grades.

Use a teacher plagiarism checker today!